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3 trillion asset-purchasing programme is designed to the European Central Bank's multi-billion-euro bond-buying scheme to Highlights The European Central Bank (ECB) has made a number of significant changes to the original guidelines of its quantitative easing (QE) programme . Sep 11, 2012 Following the European Central Bank's announcement of a bond-buying program to stabilize the eurozone, Domenico Lombardi discusses its Dec 8, 2016 European Central Bank says it will conduct an extra nine months of quantitative easing, but at a slower pace. The asset purchase programme helps the European Central Bank in its task of Asset purchases push the yield on euro area central bank bonds down and this The European Central Bank finally launched (January 22) an unprecedented government-bond buying program – headlined as “quantitative easing” – to pull Aug 15, 2017 The ECB's €2. Dec 7, 2016 Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, on Thursday said the bank would continue its bond-purchase stimulus program as Jul 6, 2017 European Central Bank policy makers considered removing a pledge to increase their bond-buying program if needed when they met last Feb 8, 2017 This assumes the corporate bond-buying programme will grow to €150bn by June 2018, and that the ECB would subsequently make €15bn a Jul 20, 2017 The European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday left key interest rates and its mass bond-buying program unchanged, in line with analysts' The European Central Bank is the central bank for the euro and administers . European Central Bank governors meet in Frankfurt on Thursday as expectations grow that they will soon announce an end to their Jun 26, 2017 The ECB decided to purchase corporate bonds in March 2016 as part of its quantitative easing (QE) program to overcome the scarcity of Jul 19, 2017 The European Central Bank (ECB) is widely expected to hold interest rates steady on Thursday with many market watchers expecting the bank to announce in September plans to reduce its bond-buying program. for securities lending by a number of Eurosystem central banks. ECB Securities Markets Programme (SMP) covering bond purchases since May 2010. In contrast to the Fed, the ECB normally does 17 hours ago President Mario Draghi announced in January 2015 that the ECB would expand its interventions in financial markets with mass bond-buying. ECB President Mario Draghi's speech in Sintra was interpreted by many Jun 12, 2017 The European Central Bank could be expected to continue its quantitative easing (QE) program into 2019 despite announcing at its most recent Mar 9, 2015 third covered bond purchase programme (CBPP3); asset-backed securities . . 16 hours ago European Central Bank governors meet in Frankfurt on Thursday as expectations grow that they will soon announce an end to their The UK created 375bn (0bn) of new money in its QE programme between 2009 QE was first attempted by Japan's central bank to arrest a period of deflation European Central Bank governor Mario Draghi said in June 2015 that the Jul 13, 2017 The European Central Bank is likely to signal in September that its he laid the foundations for the ECB's massive asset purchase program