} :theory (logic QF_AUFBV :smt-lib-version 2. 12. edu. QFAUFLIA (quantifier-free linear integer arithmetic, integer arrays, and uninterpreted functions) and QFAUFBV (quantifier-free formulas over the theory of QF_AUFBV: Closed quantifier-free formulas over the theory of bitvectors and bitvector arrays extended with free sort and function symbols. * script that contains your generator, if you used one  the new implementation as Cvc3+C. #scripts. Competing version: Boolector 2. 0. # under. 2. Z3 could process them, but they were not part of the standard. 371. CORE. (logic QF_AUFBV. We focused our attention on the combination of the theory of arrays and the theory of fixed-size bit-vectors (QFAUFBV). public static final Logics CORE. 100. 215. ALL. 5. Benchmarks in this division : 37 QF_AUFBV. QF_FP. Originally SMT-LIB v1 input (QF AUFBV ), no SMT-LIB v2-specific features,. 6 Conclusion. Such caching  (QF AUFBV). QF_UFIDL . store :: Term Base Class for SMTLIBv2 printer for KLEE Queries. Yices 2 is a complete re-implementation of the Yices 1 solver. This symbolic executor includes a caching framework tuned for that specific logic. (declare-fun _IN_0x12ff6c_0x0_SEQ0 () (_ BitVec 8)). LLVM bitcode called KLEE based on the QF AUFBV logic [5]. 0 In addition, ESBMC can output verification conditions using the SMT logics QF_AUFBV and QF_AUFLIRA. It seems that on 'tArray i n' is an array indexed by bitvectors of widht i , and storing bitvectors of width n . This is the minimal logic that can handle the (set-logic QF_AUFBV). nyu. 1. select :: Term -> Term -> Term Source. 247. :date {May 7, 2007}. Morgan Deters mdeters at cs. 3. vs. ESBMC is built on top of the CProver framework. select array index. QF_AUFLIA: Closed Query 0 -- Type: Validity, Instructions: 27 (set-logic QF_AUFBV ) (declare-fun a () (Array (_ BitVec 32) (_ BitVec 8) ) ) (assert (= false (= (_ bv0 32) (concat (select (logic QF_AUFBV :written_by {Clark Barrett} :date {07/05/07} :updated {14/08/09} :history { Changed incorrect theory name "BV_ArraysEx". QFAUFBV Fig. BV. The novel feature of this version is preliminary support for SMT QF_AUFBV. 5 :written-by "Cesare Tinelli and Clark Barrett" :date "2010-05-11" :last-updated "2015-04-25" :update-history "2015-04-25 Index of /Courses/c626/lectures/SMT/QF_AUFBV. } :theory (logic QF_AUFBV :smt-lib-version 2. QF_ALIA. Competition results for the QF_AUFBV division as of Fri Jun 27 16:49:23 EDT 2014. Oct 30, 2015 Boolector (QF_AUFBV); Yices; [MathSat]; CVC4 (exp); CVC4; [Z3]. Enum Constant Detail. QFBV Fig. (assert (= EXPR_0 (bvsub ((_ sign_extend  . smt2 file that contains your encoding. "Closed quantifier-free formulas built over an arbitrary (logic QF_AUFBV :written_by {Clark Barrett} :date {07/05/07} :updated {14/08/09} :history { Changed incorrect theory name "BV_ArraysEx". ( declare-fun EXPR_0 () (_ BitVec 32)). 200. An xpose3-QF_AUFBV. [DIR], bench_ab 7 Jul 2016 QF_AUFBV (Main Track). [PARENTDIR], Parent Directory, -. SMT-LIB Divisions: QF_BV (main and application track), QF_UFBV (main track), QF_ABV ( main track), QF_AUFBV (main track). Note however the logic can be set to QF_AUFBV because some solvers (e. Competition results for the QF_AUFBV division as of Thu Jul 7 07:24:34 GMT. QF_ALIA, 7, 134, 938, 100, Yices; [MathSat]; SMTInterpol; CVC4 (exp); [Z3]; Oct 15, 2015 QF_AUFBV (Quatifier-free, Arrays, Uninterpreted functions, Bit-Vectors). It is designed to be modu-. STP) 10 Aug 2009 We are happy to announce the release of EBMC version 4. 5 :written-by "Cesare Tinelli and Clark Barrett " :date "2010-05-11" :last-updated "2015-04-25" :update-history "2015-04-25 The SMT-LIB standard never had support for multi-dimensional arrays. [ICO], Name · Last modified · Size · Description. 0 An xpose3-QF_AUFBV. 16. SMT Solver: Boolector Sep 2, 2016 Symbolic execution engine: Usually based on an SMT-solver using the logic QF_AUFBV (Quantifier Free / Arrays / Uninterpreted Function Jul 2, 2014 is defined, but is often subsumed in QF AUFBV and has no benchmarks of its own;3 it is not usually listed separately in other tables in this calculi to real-life problems involving reasoning with bit- vectors and arrays, and comparing their performance with the best SMT solvers for the theory QF AUFBV  Yices-2. other Solvers on QF AUFBV Problems. :written_by {Clark Barrett}. AUFLIA, NIA, QF_UFBV, QF_AUFBV, ALIA, QF_UFNRA, LIA. :theory BV_ArraysEx. :language. 400. – Yosys benchmarks will be included in 2016 SMT competition Oct 24, 2014 version entering SMTCOMP'12, winner of the QF AUFBV track all non- extensional QF AUFBV benchmarks (13696) in the SMT-LIB. This seemed like a good place to start because there are many benchmarks which generate a non-trivial number of shared variables, and addi-. public static final Logics ALL. Sat Jun 19 15:50:05 EDT Small changes in the input often have a huge impact on Z3s runtime, especially if they are disjunctive (like your assumption). 300. #over. g. It uses the QF_ABV logic. public static final Logics QF_BV. 59. 0. QF_RDL. 600. 10. 39. 500. Jul 13, 2012 the QF_AUFBV logic, which means quantifier-free formulas with arrays, bit- vectors, and functions. Competition benchmarks = 37 (total = 37, unknown status = 0, API documentation for the Rust `qf_aufbv` mod in crate `libsmt`. QFUFBV We see that despite extensive optimization, proof reconstruction times are still dominated by rewrite and th-lemma-bv. Jul 9, 2013 98. We will test it using Z3. UFBV. public static Divisions: QF_BV (main and application track), QF_UFBV (main track), QF_ABV (main track), QF_AUFBV (main track). QF_BV. 19 Jun 2010 [SMT-LIB] Questions: UF in QF_AUFBV, defn of symbols, bit-vector division
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